The 48th Soul
The story of the Israeli navy destroyer - Eilat
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About Moshe

Moshe Levy was one of the survivors of this tragedy.  After swimming for nearly 8 hours in the black oily waters of the sea, fighting for his life against the cold water, darkness and exhaustion, he was rescued by the Israeli navy at dawn.
Moshe's chilling story about the personal trauma, desperation, loneliness and anxiety in those tragic night hours, are brought together in a book, written by Moshe Levy himself called "Eilat, The 48th Soul." הנשמה ה48

   The reason for naming his book-The 48th Soul ("Neshama 48") is explained in the book     ( See )

Moshe in haifa, Israel at the begining of       Moshe suffered from wounds in the stomach and spent more     The life belt, even though
his service in the navy.                                  than two weeks in the hospital                                               torn & without light,   
                                                                                                                                                                 saved Moshe's life.

 At recovery. Family members (two cosins, brother Yosi and father)                            Moshe with general ariel sharon
 happy to find moshe alive and well.


Moshe at presnt time
משה לוי

For more books by Moshe Levy visit:

Now a days Moshe is a Journalist, writer, speaker and columnist.  He writes to different papers and Magazines in Isarel.

Until very recently he wrote a weekly colum name: Et LaOgen at the weekly magazine: HaMoshavot that is published in Zikhron Yacov, Israel, and is spread throughout Zikhron Yacov, Biniamina, Ceasaria, Pardes hanna,  Hadera and the central area of Israel.

Moshe is also a volonteer at the Coast Guard and the police force in Israel and rank as an officer.
He is also a member of the Free Masons in Isareli and served for a while as a president of the Central Israeli chapter.                                                                            .

                                                                                          Moshe as a volonteer at the coast guerd

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