The 48th Soul
The story of the Israeli navy destroyer - Eilat
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The Story Of Israeli Navy Destroyer - Eilat
משה לוי-הנשמה ה48-סיפור המשחתת אילת

Dedicated to all my friends who died on the ship Eilat, and to their families, who were left with the pain and the memories.

The Israeli battle ship "Eilat" was on a
routine guard in the Mediterranean sea
when it was attacked by Egyptian missiles.

It was shortly after the 6 days war in Israel. The attack came by surprise and there was no sea battle.
In less than two hours the navy ship Eilat sunk forever, swallowed by the sea.

Many of the survivors that made it to the water, were then killed by another missile, oil, gasoline and fire.  Other navy man drowned or died fromexhaustion. Moshe Levy was there, on the ship, when it happened, and tells the horrors of this tragic night hours of survival in his book "Neshama 48"- Eilat The 48 Soul.

"At exactly 5:30 pm, the ship's captain, Brigadier/General  Itzhak Shoshan, called out to Sergeant Frisher and me

His terror-stricken call at that moment not only ended our routine and tranquility, but also the life of 47 of our crew members.

Two hours after this alarm, the sea had already claimed the battleship Eilat and many of its sailors.

This marked the beginning of the crew's courageous battle for survival on this infamous night."

Eilat - The 48th Soul   
Neshama 48.                                                                                                                                   
The story of Israeli navy ship - Eilat
By Moshe levy   
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